Human Resources (HR) – Section 60

New # 60.1  UNIVERSITYWIDE HR POLICIES & PROCEDURES Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.1.1 Employment of Relatives 3.1.2 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.2 Employment of Foreign Nationals 3.1.3 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.3 Notification Procedure Upon the Death of an Active or Retired University Employee 3.1.6 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.4 Flags at Half-Staff 5.4.5 OOS U.SEC. U.SEC.
60.1.5 Class 3 and Class 4 Employment 
Changed to Policy 60.3.21
60.1.6 Employee Relocation  Changed to Policy 40.2.22        
60.1.7 Personal Use of University Telephones 6.1.17 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.8 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Póliza de la lgualdad de Oportunidades de Empleo y Acción Afirmativa
60.1.9 Commercial and Charitable Solicitations 6.4.11c UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.10 Smoking Policy
Changed and Reclassified to Policy 20.1.22
Póliza de Fumar
6.4.12 IP&O SrVP/I&O SrVP/I&O
60.1.11 Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (for employees)    6.4.13 UHR SrVP/HR SrVP/HR
60.1.12 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment
Politica que prohibe la Discriminación y el Acoso
60.1.13 Policy Prohibiting Workplace Violence
Póliza de Violencia en el Trabajo
60.1.14 Employment of Current and Former Public Officials n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE BOG
60.1.15 Policy on Approval of Certain Employment Contracts and the Setting of Certain Salaries n/a UHR/OGC SrVP/A BOG
60.1.16 Conscientious Employee Protection Policy n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.17 Retirement, Pension, Insurance, and Health Benefits 3.2.6

Title IX Policy for Employees
rescinded - Incorporated into 60.1.28

60.1.20 Credited Leave Carryover for Staff Employees Transferring Between Rutgers Schools/Units and Transitions from State, County and local Agencies to Rutgers University n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.21 Military Leave - Staff


60.1.22 Library Facilities - Use of


60.1.23 Jury Duty 3.6.13 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.24 Primary Employment and Additional Assignments n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.25 Athletic Privileges 3.2.2
60.1.26 Recreational Privileges 60.2.3 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.27 Day Care Facilities 5.4.2
60.1.28 Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence, Stalking, and Related Misconduct by Employees and Third Parties
Rescinded - Incorporated into 60.1.33
60.1.29 Adverse Weather and Emergency Curtailment of Operations 3.6.17 00-01-17:10 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.30 Background Checks for Candidates for Staff and Faculty Positions n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.31 Gratuities, Guests, Gifts, and Use of University Resources 6.4.2 UEC SrVP&CERE&CO SrVP&CERE&CO
60.1.32 Policy on Consensual Relationships in Academic Settings n/a Acad. Affairs SrVP/AA SrVP/AA
60.1.33 Title IX Policy and Grievance Procedures  n/a Acad. Affairs UHR EVP Acad SrVP/HR BOG


New # 60.2  BENEFITS AVAILABLE TO UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.2.1 Educational Benefits 3.2.1 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.2.2 Athletic Privileges  Changed to Policy 60.1.25        

Recreational Privileges Changed to Policy 60.1.26

60.2.4 Library Facilities - Use of Changed to Policy 60.1.22        
60.2.5 Retirement, Insurance, and Health Benefits Changed to Policy 60.1.17        
60.2.6 Day Care Facilities  Changed to Policy 60.1.27        


New # 60.3  NON-ACADEMIC EMPLOYEES Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.3.1 Special Grievance Procedure for Specific University Staff Employees 3.5.12 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.2 Outside Work for Non-Academic Employees 3.6.1 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.3 Administrative Leave 3.6.4 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.4 Bereavement Leave 3.6.5 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrV/PHR&OE
60.3.5 Sick Time and Sick Leave 3.6.6 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.6 Leave of Absence for Personal Reasons 3.6.7 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.7 Medical Leave of Absence Without Salary 3.6.8 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.3.8 Family Leave 3.6.9 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.3.9 Pregnancy Policy for Staff Employees 3.6.10 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.10 Vacation for Staff Members (excludes FOP Units)
(See 60.3.20 for other staff)
60.3.11 Holidays 3.6.12 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.12 Jury Duty Changed to Policy 60.1.23        
60.3.13 Military Leave - Staff Changed to Policy 60.1.21        
60.3.14 Overtime/Comp Time for Regularly Appointed Staff 3.6.15 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.15 Additional Compensation for Full-time Staff Members with "No Limit" (NL) Titles 3.6.16 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.16 Attendance During Adverse Weather Conditions
Changed to Policy 60.1.29
60.3.17 Unused Sick Time - Policy on Administration of Payments to University Staff Retirees 3.6.19 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.18 Day Care Facilities - Changed to Policy 60.2.6        
60.3.19 University Closings n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.20 Vacation for Staff in FOP Units
(See 60.3.10 for other staff)
60.3.21 Class 3 and Class 4 Employment 60.1.5 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.22 Alternative Work Arrangements and Telecommuting for Regularly Appointed Staff   UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.23 Employee Leave for Victims of Violence or Sexual Assault n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
  Medical Examinations
Rescinded 07/15/2005


60.4.1 Administrative Assembly
3.5.1 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.2 Code of Ethics for Administrative and Professional Staff Members 3.5.2 UHR SrVP/A BOG
60.4.3 Employment Protection and Job Security for Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) and Other Non-aligned Employees 3.5.3 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.4.4 Problem Solving Procedure for Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) Personnel 3.5.4 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.5 Evaluation and Classification of Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) Staff Positions 3.5.5 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.6 Administrative and Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) Vacancies 3.5.6 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.7 Acting Appointment - Administrative and Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, Confidential (MPSC) Staff 3.5.7 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.8 Probationary Period - Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) Staff 3.5.8 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.9 Performance Appraisal of Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential Clerical Personnel 3.5.9 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.10 Salary and Salary Adjustments for Non-Aligned Employees 3.5.10 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.4.11 Telecommuting Policy Changed to Policy 60.3.22        


New # 60.5  FACULTY Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.5.1 Academic Freedom (includes Statement on Professional Ethics) 3.3.1 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. BOG
60.5.2 Academic Titles and Rank Equivalencies for Tenured, Tenure-Track and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty 3.3.2 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. BOG
60.5.3 Other Academic Titles and Definitions of Academic Titles 3.3.5 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. President
60.5.4 Faculty Appointment Procedures and Faculty Responsibilities 3.3.6 Acad. Affairs SrVP/AA President
60.5.5 Faculty Personnel Actions - Procedures 3.3.7 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. BOG
60.5.6 Required Reviews of Tenure-Track Faculty and Required Post-Tenure Reviews and Procedures for Tenured Faculty 3.3.8 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. President
60.5.7 Required Post-tenure Reviews and Procedures
60.5.8 Conflicts of Interest - Faculty
Professional Activities Outside the University
Outside Employment for Academic Personnel
3.3.9  3.3.10 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. BOG
60.5.9 Faculty or Staff Involvement with Commercial Enterprise - Contracts with the University 3.3.11 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. EVP Acad.
60.5.10 Faculty Term Appointments 3.3.14 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. BOG
60.5.11 Faculty Appointments to the Senior Ranks 3.3.15 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. President
60.5.12 Notice Requirements for Faculty Holding Appointments of One Year or More With Limitation of Term 3.3.16 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. BOG
60.5.13 Academic Tenure 3.3.17 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. BOG
60.5.14 Criteria for Academic Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions 3.3.18 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. President
60.5.15 Application of Criteria for Academic Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions 3.3.19 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. President
60.5.16 Promotion to Associate Professor or Equivalent Ranks 3.3.20 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. President
60.5.17 Promotion to Professor, Professor II, or Equivalent Ranks 3.3.21 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. President
60.5.18 Assistant Professor on Tenure
60.5.19 Retirement of Certain Academic Administrators 3.5.11 Acad. Affairs EVP Acad. BOG


Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.9.1 Employee Assistance Program 00-01-30-45:05 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.2 Voluntary Furloughs 00-01-30-65:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.3 Governance of Volunteer Use/Volunteer Processing 00-01-30-75:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.4 Non-Standard Work Schedule 30-01-30-30:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.6 Use of Personally Owned Mobile Communication Devices/Recording Devices 00-01-30-80:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.7 Administrative Leave 30-01-40-40:25 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.8 Recruitment Advertising 30-01-20-15:00 UHR VP/F&SR VP/F&SR
60.9.9 Meal Periods and Breaks 30-01-50-35:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.10 Attendance Control
30-01-50-40:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.12 Holidays 30-01-40-10:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.13 Mandatory Overtime 30-01-30-45:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.14 Payment of Retroactivity 30-01-30-55:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.15 Job Bidding and Promotion 30-01-20-25:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.16 Shift Differential 30-01-30-80:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.17 Visitation 30-01-50-50:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.18 Use of Temporary Personnel-Contracted Agency and University Payroll 30-01-20-40:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.19 Vacating Premises 30-01-50-45:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.20 Medical/Family Medical Leave Act/Leave of Absence/New Jersey Paid Leave 30-01-40-40:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.21 Outside Employment 00-01-30-10:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.22 Death in the Immediate Family 30-01-40-20:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.23 Employment Status 30-01-20-05:00 UHR VPF&SR VPF&SR
60.9.24 Employment Agencies/Search Firms 30-01-20-65:00 UHR VPF&SR VPF&SR
60.9.25 Individual Retirement Account (IRA) 30-01-40-80:00 UHR VPF&SR VPF&SR
60.9.26 Job Actions 30-01-50-30:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.27 Payroll Work Week Hours 30-01-30-90:00 UHR VPF&SR SrVP/A
60.9.28 Performance Evaluations 30-01-20-55:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.29 Layoff Staff 30-01-20-30:15 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.30 Leave of Absence - Personal and Academic 30-01-40-40:15 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.31 Unpaid Interns and Non-Affiliated Internship Programs at Rutgers Health Sciences 30-01-20-80:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.32 Background Checks for Candidates for Staff Positions
rescinded and replaced by 60.1.30
30-01-20-20:02 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.33 Exempt and Non-Exempt Position Classification 30-01-30-10:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.34 Introductory Period for Confidential Staff 30-01-20-30:10 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.35 Acting Appointments and Interim Appointments 30-01-30-05:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.36 Overtime Hours and Hours Worked on UMDNJ's Designated Holidays - Non-Exempt Staff Employees 30-01-30-40:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.37 Licensures, Registration and Certifications 30-01-20-20:01 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.38 Sick Pay 30-01-40-15:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.39 Position Classification System 30-01-30-65:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.40 Recruitment and Selection 30-01-20-10:00 UHR VPF&SR VPF&SR
60.9.41 Staff Leave Donation Program 30-01-40-40:20 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.42 Unused Sick Leave at Retirement 30-01-40-70:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.43 Vacation 30-01-40-05:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.44 Merit and General Increases 30-01-30-15:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.45 Sanctions for Late Appraisals 30-01-20-60:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.46 Tuition Assistance Program 30-01-40-50:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.48 Overtime and Holiday Pay for Non-Exempt and Temporary Staff Employees 30-01-30-35:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.49 Separation from Employment 30-01-20-75:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.50 Compliance with Healthcare Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act 00-01-30-15:05 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.51 Identification Cards
00-01-10-150:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.52 At Will Employment 30-01-50-75:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.53 Staff Personnel Records 30-01-20-70:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.54 Probation Period 30-01-20-30:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.55 Employees with Impairments 00-01-30-45:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.56 Out-of-Title Work (non-faculty staff only) 30-01-30-50:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.57 Promotions/ Reclassifications/ Demotions/ Salary Adjustments Guidelines 30-01-30-70:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.58 Inclement Weather and Emergency Curtailment of Operations
Changed to Policy 60.1.29
00-01-17:10 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.59 Employee Leave for Victims of Violence or Sexual Assault n/a UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A


Legend for Abbreviations

Titles Offices
BOG - Board of Governors Acad. Affairs - Office of Academic Affairs
BOT - Board of Trustees Admin. Fin. - Office of Administration and Finance
EVP Acad - Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Facil/Capital Plan. - Facilities and Capital Planning
SrVP/AA - Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs FSR - Office of the Vice President for Faculty and Staff Resources
SrVP/A - Senior Vice President for Administration OIT - Office of Information Technology
SrVPF/T - Senior Vice President for Finance and Treasurer OGC - Office of General Counsel
SrVP&GC - Senior Vice President and General Counsel ORSP - Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
SrVP/HR - Senior Vice President for Human Resources Risk Mgmt - Office of Risk Management and Insurance
SrVP/HR&OE - Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness OOS - Office of the Secretary of the University
U.SEC. - Secretary of the University Student Aff. - Office of Student Affairs
VP Budget - Vice President for University Budgeting UHR - University Human Resources
VP/F&SR - Vice President for Faculty and Staff Resources UCM - University Communications and Marketing
VP IT - Vice President for Information Technology  
VP/UCM - Vice President for University Communications and Marketing