Human Resources (HR) – Section 60

New # 60.1  UNIVERSITYWIDE HR POLICIES & PROCEDURES Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.1.1 Employment of Relatives 3.1.2 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.2 Employment of Foreign Nationals 3.1.3 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.3 Notification Procedure Upon the Death of an Active or Retired University Employee 3.1.6 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.4 Flags at Half-Staff 5.4.5 OOS U.SEC. U.SEC.
60.1.5 Class 3 and Class 4 Employment 
Changed to Policy 60.3.21
60.1.6 Employee Relocation  Changed to Policy 40.2.22        
60.1.7 Personal Use of University Telephones 6.1.17 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.8 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Póliza de la lgualdad de Oportunidades de Empleo y Acción Afirmativa
60.1.9 Commercial and Charitable Solicitations 6.4.11c UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.10 Smoking Policy
Changed and Reclassified to Policy 20.1.22
Póliza de Fumar
6.4.12 IP&O SrVP/I&O SrVP/I&O
60.1.11 Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (for employees)    6.4.13 UHR SrVP/HR SrVP/HR
60.1.12 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment
Politica que prohibe la Discriminación y el Acoso
60.1.13 Policy Prohibiting Workplace Violence
Póliza de Violencia en el Trabajo
60.1.14 Employment of Current and Former Public Officials n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE BOG
60.1.15 Policy on Approval of Certain Employment Contracts and the Setting of Certain Salaries n/a UHR/OGC SrVP/A BOG
60.1.16 Conscientious Employee Protection Policy n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.17 Retirement, Pension, Insurance, and Health Benefits 3.2.6

Title IX Policy for Employees
rescinded - Incorporated into 60.1.28

60.1.20 Credited Leave Carryover for Staff Employees Transferring Between Rutgers Schools/Units and Transitions from State, County and local Agencies to Rutgers University n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.21 Military Leave - Staff


60.1.22 Library Facilities - Use of


60.1.23 Jury Duty 3.6.13 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.24 Primary Employment and Additional Assignments n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.25 Athletic Privileges 3.2.2
60.1.26 Recreational Privileges 60.2.3 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.27 Day Care Facilities 5.4.2
60.1.28 Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence, Stalking, and Related Misconduct by Employees and Third Parties
Rescinded - Incorporated into 60.1.33
60.1.29 Adverse Weather and Emergency Curtailment of Operations 3.6.17 00-01-17:10 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.30 Background Checks for Candidates for Staff and Faculty Positions n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.1.31 Gratuities, Guests, Gifts, and Use of University Resources 6.4.2 UEC SrVP&CERE&CO SrVP&CERE&CO
60.1.32 Policy on Consensual Relationships in Academic Settings n/a Acad. Affairs SrVP/AA SrVP/AA
60.1.33 Title IX Policy and Grievance Procedures  n/a Acad. Affairs & UHR EVP/AA & SrVP/HR BOG
60.1.34 Rutgers University Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy n/a UEC, RA&DR, OEE VP CUCO EVP/AA, VP CUCO, & SVP/HR
60.1.35 Immunization Policy for Rutgers Employees and Prospective Employees n/a UHR SrVP/HR SrVP/HR
60.1.36 Immunization Policy for University Affiliates n/a UHR SrVP/HR SrVP/HR
60.1.37 Use of External Contingent Workers Contracted through Temporary Labor Suppliers n/a UHR SrVP/HR SrVP/HR


New # 60.2  BENEFITS AVAILABLE TO UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.2.1 Educational Benefits 3.2.1 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.2.2 Athletic Privileges  Changed to Policy 60.1.25        

Recreational Privileges Changed to Policy 60.1.26

60.2.4 Library Facilities - Use of Changed to Policy 60.1.22        
60.2.5 Retirement, Insurance, and Health Benefits Changed to Policy 60.1.17        
60.2.6 Day Care Facilities  Changed to Policy 60.1.27        


New # 60.3  NON-ACADEMIC EMPLOYEES Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.3.1 Special Grievance Procedure for Specific University Staff Employees 3.5.12 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.2 Outside Work for Non-Academic Employees 3.6.1 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.3 Administrative Leave 3.6.4 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.4 Bereavement Leave 3.6.5 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrV/PHR&OE
60.3.5 Sick Time and Sick Leave 3.6.6 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.6 Leave of Absence for Personal Reasons 3.6.7 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.7 Medical Leave of Absence Without Salary 3.6.8 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.3.8 Family Leave 3.6.9 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.3.9 Pregnancy Policy for Staff Employees 3.6.10 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.10 Vacation for Staff Members (excludes FOP Units)
(See 60.3.20 for other staff)
60.3.11 Holidays 3.6.12 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.12 Jury Duty Changed to Policy 60.1.23        
60.3.13 Military Leave - Staff Changed to Policy 60.1.21        
60.3.14 Overtime/Comp Time for Regularly Appointed Staff 3.6.15 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.15 Additional Compensation for Full-time Staff Members with "No Limit" (NL) Titles 3.6.16 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.16 Attendance During Adverse Weather Conditions
Changed to Policy 60.1.29
60.3.17 Unused Sick Time - Policy on Administration of Payments to University Staff Retirees 3.6.19 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.18 Day Care Facilities - Changed to Policy 60.2.6        
60.3.19 University Closings n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.20 Vacation for Staff in FOP Units
(See 60.3.10 for other staff)
60.3.21 Class 3 and Class 4 Employment 60.1.5 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.3.22 Flexible Work Arrangements for Regularly Appointed Staff n/a UHR SrVP/HR SrVP/HR
60.3.23 Employee Leave for Victims of Violence or Sexual Assault n/a UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
  Medical Examinations
Rescinded 07/15/2005


60.4.1 Administrative Assembly
3.5.1 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.2 Code of Ethics for Administrative and Professional Staff Members 3.5.2 UHR SrVP/A BOG
60.4.3 Employment Protection and Job Security for Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) and Other Non-aligned Employees 3.5.3 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.4.4 Problem Solving Procedure for Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) Personnel 3.5.4 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.5 Evaluation and Classification of Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) Staff Positions 3.5.5 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.6 Administrative and Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) Vacancies 3.5.6 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.7 Acting Appointment - Administrative and Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, Confidential (MPSC) Staff 3.5.7 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.8 Probationary Period - Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) Staff 3.5.8 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.9 Performance Appraisal of Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential Clerical Personnel 3.5.9 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.4.10 Salary and Salary Adjustments for Non-Aligned Employees 3.5.10 UHR SrVP/HR&OE SrVP/HR&OE
60.4.11 Telecommuting Policy Changed to Policy 60.3.22        


New # 60.5  FACULTY Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.5.1 Academic Freedom (includes Statement on Professional Ethics) 3.3.1 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA BOG
60.5.2 Academic Titles and Rank Equivalencies for Tenured, Tenure-Track and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty 3.3.2 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA BOG
60.5.3 Other Academic Titles and Definitions of Academic Titles 3.3.5 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President
60.5.4 Faculty Appointment Procedures and Faculty Responsibilities 3.3.6 Acad. Affairs SrVP/AA President
60.5.5 Faculty Personnel Actions - Procedures 3.3.7 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA BOG
60.5.6 Required Reviews of Tenure-Track Faculty and Required Post-Tenure Reviews and Procedures for Tenured Faculty 3.3.8 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President
60.5.7 Required Post-tenure Reviews and Procedures
60.5.8 Conflicts of Interest - Faculty
Professional Activities Outside the University
Outside Employment for Academic Personnel
3.3.9  3.3.10 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA BOG
60.5.9 Faculty or Staff Involvement with Commercial Enterprise - Contracts with the University 3.3.11 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA EVP Acad.
60.5.10 Faculty Term Appointments 3.3.14 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA BOG
60.5.11 Faculty Appointments to the Senior Ranks 3.3.15 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President
60.5.12 Notice Requirements for Faculty Holding Appointments of One Year or More With Limitation of Term 3.3.16 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President
60.5.13 Academic Tenure 3.3.17 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA BOG
60.5.14 Criteria for Academic Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions 3.3.18 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President
60.5.15 Application of Criteria for Academic Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions 3.3.19 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President
60.5.16 Promotion to Associate Professor or Equivalent Ranks 3.3.20 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President
60.5.17 Promotion to Professor, Professor II, or Equivalent Ranks 3.3.21 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President
60.5.18 Assistant Professor on Tenure
60.5.19 Retirement of Certain Academic Administrators 3.5.11 Acad. Affairs EVP/AA President


Book # Resp. Office Resp. Exec. Approval Authority
60.9.1 Employee Assistance Program 00-01-30-45:05 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.2 Voluntary Furloughs 00-01-30-65:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.3 Governance of Volunteer Use/Volunteer Processing 00-01-30-75:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.4 Non-Standard Work Schedule 30-01-30-30:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.6 Use of Personally Owned Mobile Communication Devices/Recording Devices 00-01-30-80:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.7 Administrative Leave 30-01-40-40:25 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.8 Recruitment Advertising 30-01-20-15:00 UHR VP/F&SR VP/F&SR
60.9.9 Meal Periods and Breaks 30-01-50-35:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.10 Attendance Control
30-01-50-40:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.12 Holidays 30-01-40-10:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.13 Mandatory Overtime 30-01-30-45:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.14 Payment of Retroactivity 30-01-30-55:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.15 Job Bidding and Promotion 30-01-20-25:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.16 Shift Differential 30-01-30-80:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.17 Visitation 30-01-50-50:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.18 Use of Temporary Personnel-Contracted Agency and University Payroll 30-01-20-40:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.19 Vacating Premises 30-01-50-45:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.20 Medical/Family Medical Leave Act/Leave of Absence/New Jersey Paid Leave 30-01-40-40:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.21 Outside Employment 00-01-30-10:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.22 Death in the Immediate Family 30-01-40-20:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.23 Employment Status 30-01-20-05:00 UHR VPF&SR VPF&SR
60.9.24 Employment Agencies/Search Firms 30-01-20-65:00 UHR VPF&SR VPF&SR
60.9.25 Individual Retirement Account (IRA) 30-01-40-80:00 UHR VPF&SR VPF&SR
60.9.26 Job Actions 30-01-50-30:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.27 Payroll Work Week Hours 30-01-30-90:00 UHR VPF&SR SrVP/A
60.9.28 Performance Evaluations 30-01-20-55:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.29 Layoff Staff 30-01-20-30:15 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.30 Leave of Absence - Personal and Academic 30-01-40-40:15 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.31 Unpaid Interns and Non-Affiliated Internship Programs at Rutgers Health Sciences 30-01-20-80:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.32 Background Checks for Candidates for Staff Positions
rescinded and replaced by 60.1.30
30-01-20-20:02 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.33 Exempt and Non-Exempt Position Classification 30-01-30-10:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.34 Introductory Period for Confidential Staff 30-01-20-30:10 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.35 Acting Appointments and Interim Appointments 30-01-30-05:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.36 Overtime Hours and Hours Worked on UMDNJ's Designated Holidays - Non-Exempt Staff Employees 30-01-30-40:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.37 Licensures, Registration and Certifications 30-01-20-20:01 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.38 Sick Pay 30-01-40-15:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.39 Position Classification System 30-01-30-65:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.40 Recruitment and Selection 30-01-20-10:00 UHR VPF&SR VPF&SR
60.9.41 Staff Leave Donation Program 30-01-40-40:20 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.42 Unused Sick Leave at Retirement 30-01-40-70:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.43 Vacation 30-01-40-05:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.44 Merit and General Increases 30-01-30-15:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.45 Sanctions for Late Appraisals 30-01-20-60:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.46 Tuition Assistance Program 30-01-40-50:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.48 Overtime and Holiday Pay for Non-Exempt and Temporary Staff Employees 30-01-30-35:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.49 Separation from Employment 30-01-20-75:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.50 Compliance with Healthcare Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act 00-01-30-15:05 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.51 Identification Cards
00-01-10-150:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.52 At Will Employment 30-01-50-75:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.53 Staff Personnel Records 30-01-20-70:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.54 Probation Period 30-01-20-30:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.55 Employees with Impairments 00-01-30-45:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.56 Out-of-Title Work (non-faculty staff only) 30-01-30-50:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.57 Promotions/ Reclassifications/ Demotions/ Salary Adjustments Guidelines 30-01-30-70:00 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.58 Inclement Weather and Emergency Curtailment of Operations
Changed to Policy 60.1.29
00-01-17:10 UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A
60.9.59 Employee Leave for Victims of Violence or Sexual Assault n/a UHR SrVP/A SrVP/A


Legend for Abbreviations

Titles Offices
BOG - Board of Governors Acad. Affairs - Office of Academic Affairs
BOT - Board of Trustees Admin. Fin. - Office of Administration and Finance
EVP/AA - Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs ALR - Academic Labor Relations
SrVP/AA - Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs OEE - Office of Employment Equity
SrVP/A - Senior Vice President for Administration OIT - Office of Information Technology
SrVPF/T - Senior Vice President for Finance and Treasurer OGC - Office of General Counsel
SrVP&GC - Senior Vice President and General Counsel ORSP - Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
SrVP/HR - Senior Vice President for Human Resources OOS - Office of the Secretary of the University
SrVP/HR&OE - Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness RA&DS - Rutgers Access and Disability Resources
SVP/RM - Senior Vice President for Risk Management Risk Mgmt - Office of Risk Management and Insurance
U.SEC. - Secretary of the University Student Aff. - Office of Student Affairs
VP CUCO - Vice President, Chief University Compliance Officer UHR - University Human Resource
VP Budget - Vice President for University Budgeting UCM - University Communications and Marketing
VP/F&SR - Vice President for Faculty and Staff Resources UEC - University Ethics and Compliance
VP IT - Vice President for Information Technology  
VP/UCM - Vice President for University Communications and Marketing