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Welcome to the Rutgers University Policy Library

Welcome to the Rutgers University Policy Library! The Policy Library has been updated and is designed to empower you with knowledge, support your academic and administrative endeavors, and ensure that our collective efforts align with the core values of Rutgers University. Please see the FAQ for guidance with navigating this library. If you are a Policy Owner and you are in the process of drafting a new policy or revising an existing policy, please contact the Policy Inbox at


A few notable changes to highlight:

  • All policies are displayed in HTML format to improve web accessibility and readability, particularly for individuals who utilize screen readers. Policies also can be downloaded as PDF files.
  • An improved search function allows people to filter policies using keywords and attributes other than the policy’s section number only.
  • Appendices, exhibits, and annexes will be policy attachments to make them more visible and accessible.
  • Embedded links in the previously posted PDF versions of university policies will be automatically re-routed to the new policy library homepage. Similarly, links from university websites to previously posted PDF versions of university policies will be automatically re-routed the user to the policy library homepage. If you manage a university website and need to link directly to a specific policy, you will need to access that policy’s page in the new policy library and update your link accordingly.
  • The hierarchical structure, naming, and nomenclature of the policies have not changed. You can continue to view and navigate policies by section and policy number.

Additionally, the Policy on Policies, formerly titled 50.1.13 – Formation Issuance, and Maintenance of University Policies, has been updated. It will improve policy development and management in a way that simplifies policy creation and revision, fosters collaboration, increases transparency, and maintains a historical archive of the university’s more than 300 policies. If you would like to review the updated Policy on Policies, please click the link on the right-hand side of this page under “New Policies.” In the resources section of the Policy on Policies, policy owners will find forms to complete to begin the process of creating a new policy or updating/retiring an existing policy.

Please note, in the transition of polices from PDF to HTML, there have been some formatting changes. If you notice any formatting errors or have any questions about the Policy Library, please contact the Policy Inbox at

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